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The word "tattoo" comes from the Tahitian word / Tatu, who have the meanings: signifies something. Tattoo or tattoos (English: tattoo) is a mark made by inserting pigment into the skin. In technical terms, rajah is micro-pigment implantation. Rajah can be made on human or animal skin. Rajah in humans is a form of body modification, temporary tattoo of animals commonly used in the identification.

Rajah is a practice found almost everywhere with the function in accordance with local custom. Rajah formerly often used by the isolated tribes in an area of ​​the world as the tagging region, degree, rank, even signify a person's health. Rajah widely used by the Polynesians, the Philippines, Borneo, Africa, North America, South America, Mesoamerica, Europe, Japan, Cambodia, and China. Although in some circles is considered taboo tattoo, tattoo art remains a popular thing in the world.

When tattooing body art / tattoos start there?

A man shows power tattoo on his chest and stomach. Photo from the collection Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.

The existence of tattooing the body in the world is very old culture exists and can be found in every corner of the world. Historically, it rajah's body has been made since 3000 years BC (before Christ). Tattoos are found for the first time in an Egyptian mummy contained. And supposedly it was thought that makes the tattoo and then spread to the tribes in the world, including one Indian tribe in the United States and Polynesia in Asia, then spread all the tribes of the world one of the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan.

Tattoos are created as a symbol or marker, it can provide a sense of pride for the owner and a symbol of the courage of the owner of the tattoo. Since his first tattoo has made such a purpose. Tattoos are believed to be a symbol of good fortune, social status, beauty, maturity, and self-esteem.

Tattooing Techniques

There are various ways to create a tattoo. Some used animal bones as needles as can be found in the Eskimo people, the Dayak citrus trees with thorns, and some are using copper heat to print images like the dragon in the skin that can be found in China. Instead of being sick in the process of making tattoos. Actually, the pain must be experienced as a tattoo on the body, but due to the high value of the tattoo, and self-esteem is found, then the pain was not considered a problem.

There are many different types and varieties of shapes tattoos, depending on what is believed by the tribes concerned, and in each region generally have different perceptions about the tattoos, although in principle similar.


Tattoos in Some Areas

In Borneo (Kalimantan), native women there think that the tattoo is a symbol that shows special skills.

In China, during the Ming Dynasty (about 350 years ago), a woman from the tribe Drung a tattoo on his face and his ass for a good sign for the descent.

In Indian, body painting / body painting and leather carving, done to enhance (as aesthetic purposes) and indicate social status.

Mentawai tribe tattoo looked at as something sacred and serves as a symbol of nature's balance.


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