TATTOO (a symbol of ancient tradition or symbol of modern civilization?)

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Hearing the word tattoo, various associations come to mind. There are associate with the sailors, there is also a tribal imagine a world filled with ethnic motifs full of meaning, and not infrequently the embed tattoos with the criminal or the world of thugs and sign an exclusive group or geng.Untuk latter case this could be the case even outside common in the 1980's, by the action of "Peter" aka the mysterious gunman. The victims of Uncle Peter is reportedly the man who has a tattoo on tubuhnya.Tak doubt that time the owner of the tattoo so much for fear of being targeted Belingsatan petrus berikutnya.Yang Om already had a tattoo many have tried to remove and not a few who then actually having defects in have the intention to make a new tubuhnya.Yang, suddenly torn throw away the idea.
Make the size of young people today, tattoo seems to be something that fungkeh, especially when more and more celebrities are busy to participate mengguratkan tattoos on her body either permanent or temporary. Kiosks that provide body piercing and tattoos were spread across major cities around the world, particularly cities near komonitas tribal centers. Call it Bali or Kuta or Sanur rather his close-Lombok Sasak community; Kuching in Sarawak close to the Dayak community; Melbourne-Sydney close to the Aboriginal community. Additionally metropolitan cities like New York, London, which because of the strength of civilization documentation also sell tattoo motifs from both the tribes in the Pacific as well as Anglo-Saxon Root as Viking.

For some young big city, a tattoo is like an exotic veil to deliver themselves to mystify a world in the middle of nowhere or a gateway entrance to the ancient world.Imej the tattoo will be a reference library of symbols more dapatmerepresentasikan life, death, the value of -the value of a relationship as a runaway process as well as the resistance of symbols manners and reliability of the figures presented by the old bureaucracy, state officials and businesses are increasingly considered as a causal day reality that increasingly eroded ini.Tato later became a symbol of representation very personal.Liat only the members of the Red Hot Chili Pappers that all of his body covered in tattoos. Moreover, "the star field" Anthony Kiedis who in the early 1990s had ngebela Stand to Borneo precisely to the Village Tapping, where the Dayak Iban long houses, border Keriung Betung National Park, West Kalimantan and Sarawak border in order to get a tattoo with tribal motifs ala Dayak traditional treatment.

Borneo until recently listed as one of the regions in the world that still runs the practice of tattooing, a tradition which began centuries ago. Dayak tattoo fame itself known in the western world since the end of the 19th century, which began many publications that describe
Dayak people's lives as the native inhabitants of the island of Borneo, the third largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea. In 1912, Charles Hose and William MacDougall published bukuThe Pagan Tribe of Borneo, which is counted as one of the classic reference book on the life tribal.Dalam Hose and Dougall containing records their trip to Borneo with presenting information that was obtained directly from first-hand, including a wide variety of decorative tattoos.

For the Iban themselves, tattoos strokes associated with important moments in the life cycle seseorang.Seorang girls who are good at weaving will receive a tattoo shaped like a knit bracelet encircling her arms. An adult son who had migrated content will receive a tattoo in a typical Iban motifs like flowers eggplant or ketam.Yang interesting when some Iban men recorded their moment mereka.Semisal shoreline migrated to Malaysia in a plane, mengguratkan images complete with paper airplanes Malaysia Airlines System in dadamereka.Adalagi the incised drawing machine gun because at the time contributed to wander lost in the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation or involved crushing the communists Paraku (North Kalimantan People's Army) circa 1960's. Well if there is a naked woman in a position to draw ngongkong, could ELU deh imagine what the experience they get when wander? Or if you look at young people today are much mengguratkan tribal tattoo motif bracelet
wrapped around his arm that looks macho, you can be had himself deh meaning of the tattoo sketch ..!

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