Tattoo, Art Or Self Identity?

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Tattoo is a work of art to decorate the body with certain images to make it look beautiful parts of the body. In some areas of the world, such as in Hawaii, India or even in Borneo, tattooing is used as a symbol or marker of maturity, especially for men in the area.
But some people still consider that tattoo is always associated with negative things. Although many who opine tattoo is wrong, as opposed to religious norms but nowadays more and more people who make tattoo, either permanent or temporary tattoo. In fact, among the celebrities, tattoo is a trend, since many celebrities were present tattoo.
The celebrities in the world, especially in Indonesia, both men and women, so many use as an ornamental body tattoos and even identity. One example of foreign musicians, former band Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee.

Tommy meets his body with tattoos, even rumored that Pamela Anderson's ex-husband became an icon of some reputable tattoo studio in the United States. And in Indonesia, we can see the body of actor comedian, Tora Sudiro the body is also filled with tattoos.

There are also some Indonesian women artists whose love of tattoos to adorn his body, and has more than two tattoos on his body permanently attached, such as, Poppy Sovia, Imel Ten 2 Five, and Melanie Subono.

Tattoo is relatively expensive cost to make it, it's because the equipment and tattoo inks are very expensive too. In addition due to the reason that, with the high cost of making a tattoo, people will think several times to create a tattoo, permanent tattoo because it is difficult to remove, although possible, would require more funds to the dermatologist and laser surgery to remove the tattoo.

So, for people who want to make a permanent tattoo, it is advisable to think twice before making it.
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